Festivals 祭り

Igomori Festival

Held over a three-day period every January, the Igomori Festival’s purpose is to ask the gods to calm a demon living in the Hahasonomori area. Priests and volunteers carry a giant burning reed torch through town at night and pretend to scatter seeds. There is a tradition in which all houses in the village refrain from making any noise during the three days of the festival.

Festival participants hoisting the reed torch

Seika Festival

One of Seika Town’s biggest events, the annual Seika Festival has been held every November since 1989. The festival aims to give all residents a sense of being connected to each other and to the town.

The Festival celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2018 by cooperating with the Seika Children's Festival and the Subculture Festival to create one big festival that was attended by 30,000+ people.

Be sure to stop by for Seika Festival 2019!

SeikaFes1 SeikaFes2
The lively festivities at the 2018 Seika Festival

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