Shrines and Temples 社寺

Kasuga Shrine

Kasuga Shrine - Seika

Kasuga Shrine, a designated important cultural property, is believed to have originally been a Wakamiya Shrine and part of the Kasuga Taisha Shrine in Nara before it was moved in the early Muromachi era. The shrine holds a ritual called the Yumi Hajime-shiki to forecast the year's harvest.

Address: Seikacho Hishida Miyagawahara 58 banchi 2

Nyakuou-ji Temple

Nyakuou-ji Temple

While currently of the Jodo-shu school of Buddhism, Nyakuou-ji is thought to have originated as a relative temple of one established by High Monk Enchin of the Tendai (Tiantai) school in the Heian era. The Seated Carving of Monk Enchin enshrined here is designated as an Important Cultural Property of Japan.

Address: Seikacho Shimokoma Hayashimae 9 banchi

Jounen-ji Temple

Jounen-ji Temple

The Standing Statue of Bosatsu placed in the Yakushi-do Hall located on Jounen-ji Temple grounds was created during the early Heian era. It is the oldest Buddhist statue in Seika and is a designated Important Cultural Property of Japan. It is said that Jounen-ji was previously an attached temple of Housono Shrine.

Address: Seikacho Hosono Kamikidan 55 banchi

Shinden Shrine

Shinden Shrine

The birthplace guardian deity of the Yamada and Inuidani regions is said to reside here at Shinden Shrine. The 13-story stone pagoda on the shrine’s grounds is designated as Important Cultural Property of Japan. Carved on its base is a description that tells of its origins as a Hyakumanben Nenbutsu offering and its creation date (1491). A stage for Noh plays can also be found on the shrine's grounds.

Address: Seikacho Yamada Iouji 3 banchi

Raikou-ji Temple – Graves of Ochiyo and Hanbe

Raikou-ji Temple

The graves of Hanbe and Ochiyo, main characters in Chikamatsu Monzaemon’s Ningyo Joruri story Shinjuuyoi Goushin (Double Suicide on Koshin Eve) are located on the grounds of Raikou-ji Temple. After experiencing wear, the original grave was placed inside a small side-shrine and a new one was built directly behind it.

Address: Seikacho Ueda Minamirokutsubo 59 banchi

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