Seika Kururin Bus 精華くるりんバス

The Seika Kururin Bus began service in March 2005 as a method of transit for elderly residents and people without other means of transportation. The bus' goal is to link together facilities which serve the public good, promote local community, and increase public welfare.

Please feel free to use this bus service as a way to stay connected with your local community.

Bus Fare

One ride costs 100 yen (free for children under 6 years of age).

Buses may stop at the Hosono Station West stop for several minutes in order to match their schedules to the timetable. No extra fare will be required to stay on the bus in this case.

Kururin Bus Ticket Book

Ticket books (1000 yen for 11 tickets) are available for purchase at the following locations.

  • On the Seika Kururin Bus (please only purchase when the bus has come to a full stop.
  • Nara Kotsu Bus Information Center (located by the west exit of Hosono Station)

Advertising on the Kururin Bus

The Seika Kururin Bus runs advertisements both on the side of the bus and inside the bus. Those who would like to advertise their company should contact the Seika Town Office's City Development Division. (tel: 0774-95-1902)

Route Map and Timetable

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