A Word from the Mayor 町長のあいさつ


Kaname Kimura
Mayor of Seika Town


Our town, Seika, located at the southwestern edge of Kyoto Prefecture, is a place blessed with an annual average temperature of 16ºC and comfortable weather throughout the year.

With the Kansai Science City at its heart, the town of Seika has a unique charm coming from a mixture of lush greenery and cutting edge technology that prompts people to think "I want to visit here, I want to live here."

I came into office as mayor of Seika in October of 2003, not long after the start of the 21st century. It is my goal to continue working on making Seika a safe and healthy town along with the other employees of Seika Town Office, so that residents can proudly claim Seika as their “hometown.”

In order to provide citizens and enthusiasts of Seika a resource for finding useful information, this website was made to serve various needs such as sharing about life in Seika, providing news on current topics around town, and displaying details on upcoming events.

It is my sincere wish that this page will facilitate an active exchange of information between our town and our community, as well as help build a bond with the citizens of Seika. I hope you enjoy our homepage.