Coronavirus Vaccination for Seika Residents Age 12-64

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Sept. 21 (Tues.)

  • Free shuttle bus maps and time schedules for Groups N and O linked below.

Sept. 13 (Mon.)

  • Vaccination Groups N and O will reopen for appointments on Sept. 21 (Tues.) at 6:00 p.m. Appointments can be made through the vaccination portal online or by phone. (Appointments by phone can be made from Sept. 29.)
  • While the dates have remained the same (first dose on Oct. 3 for Group N, and Oct. 10 for Group O) the number of vaccines available and vaccination venue for Groups N and O have changed as follows:
    • Venue: Vaccination for Groups N and O will take place at Kashinoki-en. They were previously scheduled to take place at elementary schools around Seika Town.
    • Vaccines: Each group will have enough vaccines for 500 people (i.e. 500 people for Group N, and 500 people for Group O). This number was reduced from 3,800 people for each group.
  • A new vaccination registration schedule and free bus schedule will be posted (in English) at a later date. Japanese versions are now posted and can be found here

Sept. 10 (Fri.) 

  • As of Sept. 10, there are no dates open for vaccination. Groups N and O will remain suspended until an appropriate number of vaccines can be attained.

August 20 (Fri.)

  • As of August 20, 1:00 p.m., the following dates and locations have openings for vaccination appointments (dates reflect first dose):
    • Keihanna Innovation Center: Group I (Sept. 5)
    • Mukunoki Center: Group I (Sept. 5)

August 12 (Thur.)

  • Group I (first dose on Sept. 5) will reopen for registration today, August 12 (Thur.), starting from 6:00 p.m.

August 3 (Tues.)

  • Internet and LINE appointment registration for Group H is now closed.
  • Postcard applications are no longer being accepted at this time.
  • Timetable for free bus to vaccination venues (KICK, Mukinoki Center, and Kashinoki-en) now available in English.

July 29 (Thur.) Update

  • Internet and LINE appointment registration for Groups E, F, G, J, K, L, M is now closed.
  • Group H (first dose on Sept. 4) will reopen for registration on July 29 (Thur.) starting from 6:00 p.m.
  • Please wait for further information regarding the reopening of other suspended groups (detailed below).

Temporarily Suspended Dates: Group I (Sept. 5), Group N (Oct. 3), Group O (Oct. 10)

July 26 (Mon.) Update

  • Line and internet vaccination registration for Group K (August 5 at Kashinoki-en) is now closed. 
  • Registration for vaccination on this date will only reopen if cancellations are made.

July 21 (Wed.) Update

  • Line and internet vaccination registration for Group J (August 4 at Kashinoki-en) is now closed. 
  • Registration for vaccination on this date will only reopen if cancellations are made.

July 19 (Mon.) Update

  • Due to a coronavirus vaccine shortage, appointment registration for specific group vaccination weekend dates will be temporarily suspended. The suspension will affect the following groups: Group H, Group I, Group N, and Group O.
  • This suspension will be upheld until the number of vaccines required for each of the above groups is attained. Depending on the available vaccine supply, Seika Town expects to make an announcement regarding registration dates for groups H and I in mid-August, and groups N and O in mid-September. Please check the homepage periodically for more information. 
  • Appointment registration for weekend vaccination groups E, F, G, and weekday vaccination groups J, K, L, M will remain open.

Group Vaccinations for Seika Residents Aged 12-64 Years

Group vaccinations for residents of Seika Town aged 12 - 64 years (born 1957 April 2 - 2009 April July 1) is scheduled to begin this August. An envelope containing information about group vaccinations and documents necessary to receive vaccination will be mailed out to eligible residents on July 9.

Residents of Seika born on 2009 July 2 or later, will be mailed this packet around the start of the month following their birth month (example: a person born August 8 will receive this packet in the beginning of September).

For information about group vaccination dates and the appointment registration schedule, please refer to the document titled "Group Vaccination Dates and Appointment Registration Schedule." (linked below)

One of each of the following documents will be included in the vaccine information packet:

  1. Coronavirus Vaccine Group Vaccination Notice (group schedules in English below)
  2. Vaccine voucher (do not remove any stickers or seals)
  3. Medical questionnaire (for first dose; second questionnaire to be distributed after vaccination)
  4. Information About the Coronavirus Vaccine
  5. Medical questionnaire example (front)
    Coronavirus vaccine information for persons with primary illnesses (back)
  6. Vaccination Registration Postcard (if applying by postcard)
  7. Personal information protection sticker (if applying by postcard)
  8. Bus schedule for free transportation to vaccination venues and venue maps (English version below)

"Information About the Coronavirus Vaccine" and the "Medical questionnaire" can be viewed in multiple languages on the Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare's website.

What does the envelope look like?

Vaccine Information Envelope

Outside of the envelope

Vaccine Information Envelope Contents

Contents of the envelope

About Vaccination in Seika Town

  • Fees involving the vaccine and vaccination will be paid entirely with public funds. The vaccine is free for all registered residents of Seika Town.
  • Pfizer brand vaccines are used for group vaccinations. A schedule of two doses is required to benefit from the full effect of the vaccine. The second dose must be received three weeks after the first.
  • Vaccination is not a requirement and it will not be administered without the recipient's consent. Please read the document containing information about the coronavirus vaccine (packet document number 4) and be sure you understand the effects and risks of receiving the vaccine before deciding whether or not to make an appointment.
  • If you have a primary illness or are unsure if you should receive vaccination, consult with your doctor about it before making an appointment.
  • People aged 12 years or older are eligible to receive the Pfizer brand vaccine. It is strongly recommend that parents or guardians of children aged 12-15 consider registering them to receive the vaccine on the same day as themselves. A minor aged 12-15 years may attend their vaccination appointment by themselves if the parent or guardian signs their medical questionnaire, but only if the attendance of a parent or guardian is absolutely not possible.

How to Make an Appointment

Appointments for vaccination can be made through the internet, LINE, or by postcard. As it can be accessed throughout the day, it is recommended you use the internet registration site or LINE to make an appointment. Through the LINE and internet registration methods, you can choose the date, time, and location you would like to receive vaccination.

If you do not have an internet connection or a smartphone, you can register for an appointment by filling out the Vaccination Registration Postcard (packet document number 6).

Appointments cannot be made in person at any service windows at Seika Town Office.

Make an Appointment through the Registration Site

Register for an vaccination appointment online by visiting the link below:

Instructions on how to navigate the appointment registration site can be found below.

Make an Appointment with LINE

Search for and friend the Seika Town Vaccination Registration account(精華町ワクチン接種予約), and choose Coronavirus Vaccination Registration(新型コロナワクチン接種の予約), which will guide you to the appointment registration page.

From there, you can make an appointment for vaccination.

Instructions on how to navigate the appointment registration site through LINE can be found below.

Make an Appointment by Postcard (hagaki)

Postcard applications are no longer being accepted at this time.

Fill out the necessary areas and mail back to the Seika Town Office by 2021 July 21 (Wed.). The postcard must arrive by that date. No stamp necessary.

The number of appointments for each day is limited and preference will be given based on the existence of primary illneses, age, and other factors. Postcard applicants will be assigned an open appointment on any given date and will be notified of their appointment details at a later date.

Notes Regarding Postcard Applications

  • Be aware that the action of mailing out a postcard application does not constitute an appointment.
  • Postcard applications that arrive after the deadline (2021 July 21) will be processed, but you may not receive any preference based on age or primary illnesses, nor any preferred appointment dates written on your application.
  • While you can note your preferences, you cannot choose the date, time, nor location of your appointment by registering by postcard. You are not guaranteed your appointment preferences using this method.

Appointment Registration Start Dates

Based on national guidelines, appointment registration preference will be given to those with primary illnesses and elderly care home staff first, then open to other age groups (in order of older to younger) to prevent the overloading of registration systems. Approximately 19,000 appointments will be open for group vaccination in Seika Town. Refer to the "Group Vaccination Dates and Appointment Registration Schedule" document for more details about registration start dates.

What to Bring to Your Appointment

  1. Vaccine voucher (do not remove any stickers or seals)
  2. Medical questionnaire (予診票;fill it out to the best of your ability)
  3. Form of Personal ID (driver's license, residence card, etc.)
  4. Medicine Record (お薬手帳 ; if you have one)

Other Important Points

  • Wear a short sleeve shirt or a piece of clothing that will give easy access to your upper arm to your vaccination appointment.
  • Arrive around 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment. We ask you do not come any earlier to prevent crowds from forming at the venue.
  • Parking will be available but limited at each venue. If possible, use public transportation or walk to the venue. (Free buses will be available for certain venues. More information on free bus time table included in information packet.)
  • If a weather warning (Strong Wind Warning or Special Weather Warning) is issued on a day scheduled for group vaccinations, vaccinations for that day will be cancelled. Cancellations may also occur due to weather, natural disasters, or the coronavirus spread conditions. Seika Town residents will be notified of such cancellations through the town homepage.
  • If you have a primary illness, please read the back of medical questionnaire example (packet document number 5). You do not have to present a medical certificate denoting your primary illness. Please input information about your illness in the medical questionnaire provided before coming to the venue.

Vaccine Consultation (Japanese only)

Seika Town COVID-19 Vaccination Call Center

Tel: 0570-05-6732
Operating hours: 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (closed on weekends and holidays)
Consultations: Inquiries regarding vaccination rollout in Seika Town


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