Individual Coronavirus Vaccination in Seika Town

Following the completion of group vaccination efforts in Seika Town, a number of medical facilities in Seika Town will be administering the coronavirus vaccine on an appointment-only basis.

If you have not yet received vaccination and would like to, please read the information below detailing eligibility for individual vaccination, and how to make an appointment.

Vaccination Details

Facilities will be administering the Pfizer Comirnaty intramuscular vaccine.

Number of Doses

A full vaccination schedule consists of two doses. The second dose is to be received 3 weeks after the first.

Vaccination Fees

Coronavirus vaccination for residents of Seika Town is provided free of charge.

Making an Appointment

Appointments for vaccination can be made starting from 2021 October 8 (Fri.) by directly contacting the medical facility providing individual vaccinations to make an appointment.

Details on Participating Facilities, Eligibility, and Appointments

  1. An appointment must be made to receive vaccination. To make an appointment, you need a vaccination voucher with a valid voucher number (mailed to each resident of Seika Town before the start of group vaccination drive; more information about the voucher can be found on this page)
  2. Vaccination start dates for each medical facility may vary. For more information about each facility's start date, please view the List of Medical Facilities Providing Individual Vaccination in Seika linked below (in Japanese only).
  3. When making an appointment, confirm that you are able to attend the vaccination date of the second dose (three weeks after the first) before finalizing.
  4. The accompaniment of a parent or guardian is requested for vaccination appointments made for minors. Parent or guardian accompaniment is required at vaccination appointments for elementary school-aged minors.

What to Bring to Your Appointment

  1. Vaccine voucher (接種券)
  2. Filled out medical questionnaire (予診票)
  3. Form of personal ID (medical insurance card, driver's license, residence card, etc.)
  4. Medicine Record Book (if you have one)
  5. Mother-Child Health Book (母子健康手帳; if you are pregnant)

Preventing Vaccine-related Waste

  • Each facility providing individual vaccination has a set number of people they can vaccinate each day. Depending on the facility's appointment openings, they may not be able to provide vaccination on your preferred date, or they may ask if they can move your appointment date. Please exercise patience and cooperate with each facility to ensure no vaccines go to waste.
  • If you wish to make vaccination appointments for three or more people at once, please call the Seika Town Coronavirus Vaccine Call Center.
  • Please do not cancel an appointment after you have made it unless you are not feeling well on the day of your appointment.
  • If you have already received the first dose of the Pfizer Comirnaty vaccine and would like only the second dose, please consult with the facility at which you are making an appointment about your options.

Making an Appointment for Three or More People

All people requesting to make an appointment must fulfill the requirements below:

  1. All people must be a resident of Seika Town.
  2. All people must either be unvaccinated, or have received the first dose (restricted to recipients of Pfizer Comirnaty vaccine only).
  3. All people must consent and be willing to receive the Pfizer Comirnaty coronavirus vaccine.
  4. All elementary school-aged children must have a parent or guardian present at their appointment (parent or guardian presence recommended but not required at appointments for other underaged recipients not elementary school-aged).

How to Make an Appointment for Three or More People

Please contact the Seika Town Coronavirus Vaccine Call Center to make an appointment for three or more people.

Tel: 0570-056732
Hours: 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (excl. weekends and holidays)

After confirming the information given on each person, the call center will contact a medical facility in Seika providing individual vaccination to coordinate appointments, then contact the group at a later date with information about their appointments.

Information Needed About Each Person

To make an appointment, the following pieces of information are necessary:

  1. Each person's vaccine voucher number
  2. Desired appointment date and time
  3. Preexisting illnesses and allergies
  4. Parent or guardian accompaniment for underaged patients

While the call center will consider your preferences when making appointments, please understand that there is a chance they will not be able to fulfill every preference when consulting with medical facilities providing individual vaccination in Seika about making appointments.


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