Special Products 特産品



Seika's most famous product, the strawberry, is filled with vitamin C and potassium. All of Seika's strawberries are grown in greenhouses and are available from the end of November to May. Special varieties grown in Seika include the Toyonoka, Sagahonoka, Sachinoka and Akihime strawberries.

Raku-imo Potatoes

Raku-imo Potato

The raku-imo is a unique potato whose seeds are specially chosen and stored by Kyoto University. It is slightly sweet in flavor and has great viscosity despite having a lower water content than naga-imo potatoes. During the summer, its leaves create a sort of green curtain, creating natural shade, and they are harvested to be eaten in the fall. 



Mizuna is a vegetable that is a must have cooking ingredient in the wintertime. It has crisp, cleaved leaves with a mild taste, and is full of fiber and vitamin E. It is available from October through March.

Green Chili Peppers (Togarashi)


These green chili peppers have a sweet, refined taste and is rich in calcium and dietary fiber. Green chili peppers have long been part of Seika's agricultural history, beginning around the Meiji Restoration (1868). Seika is the largest producer of green chili peppers in Kyoto and they are sold at many markets from April to July. 

Ebi-imo Potatoes


A type of taro potato, the ebi-imo is so named because of its curved shape, resembling a shrimp (ebi means shrimp). The ebi-imo is soft with a sweet flavor, has plenty of vitamin C and E, and retains its shape even after cooking. Seika's ebi-imo are available from November to January. 



The hanana is a flower that blossoms in winter and has edible sprouts. These sprouts are high in nutrients and its unique, sharp flavor stimulates the appetite. Hanana is available from December to March.

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