Seika Global Network せいかグローバルネット

What is Seika Global Network?

Seika Global Network (SGN) is focused on creating a region where multiple cultures can live together, and are active in a variety of different fields. Our activities include international understanding lectures, cultural exchange events, international events, and helping foreign residents get accustomed to living in Seika and Southern Kyoto at-large. We have recently started assiting foreign residents in preparing for natural disasters as well.

Chikyukko Lecture Series Annual Japanese Speech Contest 2018

Main Activities

SGN Independent Work

  • Global Net Farms
  • Sister city exchange (Norman, Oklahoma, USA)
  • Norman foreign language study (English Class, English Guides, Chinese Class)
  • Homepage/computer workshops
  • Cultural exchange
  • Foreign resident support activities

Join Projects with Seika Town

  • Chikyukko lectures
  • International understanding festival
  • Cross-cultural forum
  • Japanese Language Message Contest for Japanese language learners
  • Multicultural Playgroup "Ichigo Ichie"

Other Activities

  • Homestay
  • International exchange program
  • Children’s Festival
  • Seika Festival

Care to join us?

We welcome any and all people who are interested in our work to join us in making our area a safe and enjoyable one for both Japanese and foreign residents.

We are always looking for volunteers!

SGN Homepage

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