Seika Global Network

What is Seika Global Network?

Seika Global Network (SGN) is a volunteer group focused on creating a community where individuals from all cultures can coexist together through a wide variety of activities. Some of the activities include: international understanding lectures, cultural exchange events, international events, and foreign resident support. Assistance to foreign residents in preparing for natural disasters has also been the subject of recent activities as well.

Chikyukko Lecture Series Annual Japanese Speech Contest 2018

Main Activities

Joint Projects with Seika Town

  • Japanese Learning Support
  • Chikyukko Lectures
  • English Conversation Class
  • Japanese Message Contest for Japanese Language Learners
  • Multicultural Playgroup "Ichigo Ichie"
  • International Exchange Through Sports
  • Booth at Seika Festival

SGN Independent Work

  • Sister City exchange (Norman, Oklahoma, USA)
  • Cultural Exchange
  • Foreign Resident Support Activities

Other Activities

  • Homestay
  • International Exchange Program

Care to join us?

We welcome any and all people who are interested in our work to join us in making our area a safe and enjoyable one for both Japanese and foreign residents.

We are always looking for volunteers!

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