Sister City Relations 姉妹都市関係

Our Sister City - Norman, Oklahoma

On September 1, 2005, Norman Mayor Harold Haralson and Seika Mayor Kaname Kimura met in a conference room in Norman City Hall. Where they signed an agreement establishing a sister city relationship between the cities of Norman and Seika.

Seika Stone in Norman Sister City Square

About Norman

Located in the American Midwest, Norman, a city with a population of around 120,000 people, is Oklahoma’s third largest city. About one tenth of its 500 square kilometer area is occupied by the University of Oklahoma. Norman was founded in 1889 with a population of 125 people and has grown together with the University of Oklahoma, which was established soon after in 1890.

The University of Oklahoma, or OU, is a well-known school throughout the United States and currently enrolls 30,000+ students. There are multiple research facilities located on campus, and in recent years there has been an increase in research productivity from cooperation between industries and research facilities allowing the university city to grow.

Norman’s landscape is primarily flat with several parks and lakes. Due to the large number of sunny days and a tendency in the past for droughts, the majority of the lakes are man-made and built for drought resistance. These lakes help support agribusinesses that grow corn and wheat.

The oil business is also robust in Oklahoma, and a number of oil wells are located in Norman. Prior to the 1889 Land Run, Oklahoma, including Norman, was the center of the Native American population. Their culture and art are preserved in Norman.

Flag of Norman City

The various characteristics of the town can be seen in its colorfully designed flag. A half of a cog, a lightning bolt, a feather, a music note, wheat and a pencil make up the lower, red portion of the flag. These symbols represent the aspects of industry, energy, native tradition, culture, agriculture, and scholarship that make the city of Norman so unique.

History of the Seika-Norman Sister City Relationship

Seika and Norman Mayor Signing Sister City Pact

Following the creation of a Sister Prefecture-State pact between Kyoto Prefecture and the State of Oklahoma in 1985, a friendly relationship was established between Seika and Norman that continued for 20 years.

During this period of time, Seika, at the heart of the Kansai Science City, and Norman, a science city in its own right centered around the University of Oklahoma and its industrial and academic connections, continued to maintain their relationship as their communities grew. Finally, in 2005, on the 20th anniversary of the friendship between Norman and Seika, the two municipalities signed a sister city pact, renewing their commitment to cultural exchange.

To learn more about Norman, please visit their website (English only).

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