Public Declarations 宣言

Nuclear Free Town and Peace City Declaration

Enacted in 1987 December

  • Seika Town will pursue a strict adherence to the Three Non-Nuclear Principles of abstaining from the production, ownership, and importation of nuclear weapons.
  • Seika Town will seek the disposal and disarmament of nuclear weapons of every country.
  • Seika Town will refuse the passage, transportation, storing, or stocking of nuclear weapons or suspected nuclear weapons through or in the town’s land borders and airspace.
  • Seika Town will not allow the production or deployment of nuclear weapons within the municipality.
  • Seika Town will not carry out any duties in cooperation with war.


Commitment to Child Protection

Enacted in 1968

It is the sincere wish of all citizens in Seika Town that the children, as the bearers of the next generation, experience sound and healthy growth. With this, a “Commitment to Child Protection” declaration marshaling the enthusiastic voices of Seika’s citizens, Seika Town will commit itself to achieving an environment that positively affects the development of our town’s children.


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