Seika Town Outline 町のがいよう

Brief Outline of Seika Town 町の大まかな概要(がいよう)

  Seika Town is located on the southern edge of Kyoto Prefecture and is close to the center of the Kansai region as well as Japan. The west and southern parts of the town contain gently sloping hills, and the eastern region is home to sprawling, flat farm lands and the Kizugawa River. Seika is blessed with warm weather year-round with a yearly average temperature of around 15 degrees celsius.  

Area: 25.68 km2

Town flower: Rose

Town tree: Kashinoki tree (Japanese oak)

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Seika Town Hall
General Affairs Department
Planning & Coordinating Division
Planning & Coordinating Section

Tel: 0774-95-1900
Fax: 0774-95-3971