English(Service Guide)

Seika Town Library

Address: 〒619-0285

70 Kitajiri Minamiinayazuma, Seika-cho, Soraku-gun, Kyoto-pre

Phone: 0774-95-1911

Fax: 0774-95-3976

Hours: Tuesday-Friday 10AM~6PM

Saturday-Sunday 9AM~5PM

Scheduled Closings:

  • Every Monday
  • National Holidays (when holiday falls on a Monday, library will be closed the next day as well) *not including weekends
  • Last Thursday of each month (inventory management day)
  • New Year's Holidays (12/28~1/4)
  • Special stock and management days (notice will be given)

First Time Visitors

A library card is necessary to borrow books and other materials. Please enter the required information on the library card application and show an official document that can be used to confirm this information. Checking out books and other materials is free.

Seika Residents

Please bring a document that confirms your name and address (driver's license、insurance card, student ID, etc).

You will receive a pink library card. (renewal required every 5 years)

Those who Work and Study in Seika

Please bring a document that confirms your name and address, and place of work or study(proof of employment, student ID, etc. Please ask library staff for details).

You will receive a blue library card.(renewal required every 5 years)

Residents of Kizugawa City, Ide Town, and other areas of Souraku-gun besides Seika

Please bring a document that confirms your name and address (driver's license、insurance card, student ID, etc).

You will receive a yellow library card.(renewal required every 5 years)


※ A library card is required to borrow books and other materials. Please take care of your card.

Checking out Books

Please bring books and other materials you wish to borrow to the front desk to check them out.

One person may check out up to 10 items at a time (not including a separate limit of up to 2 total of the following materials :videos, DVDs, CDs, and cassette tapes).

Borrowed materials may be kept for up to two weeks.

Upon checking out you will be given a receipt verifying the matenals borrowed and their return by dates.

Please return materials on time to avoid causing an inconvenience to other library users.

※Audiovisual materials (Videos, DVDs, CDs, cassette tapes) may only be borrowed by people who live, work, or go to school in Seika.

Returning Materials

Please return books and other materials to the front desk. You will not need your library card to do so.

When the library is closed, please return books and materials to the drop boxes either beside the Town Office's main entrance or the library's main entrance. Please return videos, DVDs, CDs, and cassette tapes directly to the front desk. Books may also be returned to the bookmobile.

Extending Check-out Periods

If you wish to extend the check-out period for materials you have borrowed, please contact us before their return by date. If they have not been reserved, the period check-out can be extended once for another two weeks. However, checkout periods for videos, DVDs, CDs, and cassette tapes cannot be extended.

Audiovisual Materials

Audiovisual materials (videos, DVDs, CDs, cassette tapes) can be utilized within the library as well. Please bring the materials you wish to use and your library card to the front desk, and fill out the proper forms.

Looking up Materials

We have electronic search systems both inside the library and at our homepage.

Please feel free to use them.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, or have problems using our electronic search system features, please contact the library staff.

Making Copies

Within copyright restrictions, you are allowed to make copies of Seika Town Library materials.(black and white-10 yen /page, full color-50 yen/page). Please fill out the proper forms to make copies.


If you would like to check out books or materials currently checked out or unavailable, please fill out a reservation card and bring it to the front desk. Materials currently available for checkout cannot be reserved.

We will arrange to borrow materials from other libraries, or purchase them if we do not have them in stock. However, there are cases where this is not possible. Furthermore, audiovisual materials not currently in the library catalog cannot be reserved.

Online reservation is limited to materials currently checked out. For details, check the Internet Reservation Service Guide.

One person may reserve up to 12 items at a time (including a combination of up to 2 total of any of the following: videos, DVDs, CDs, and cassette tapes).

※Reservations can only be made by people who live, work, or go to school in Seika.

Bookmobile(Aozora-go Baaba Papa)Weekly Schedule and Locations

  • Hishida(Assembly Hall) 1st・3rd Wed. 15:40~16:30
  • Takinohana (west of water cisterns) 2nd ・4th Tues 14 : 30~15 : 20
  • Nakakubota (Assembly Hall) 1st ・3rd Thurs. 15 : 40~16 : 30
  • Fune (Assembly Hall) 1st ・3rd Tues. 15 : 40~16 : 30
  • Sato (Seihoku Elem.)2nd ・4th Thurs. 15 : 40~16 : 30
  • Sobo (Kyoto Kogakukan HS) 1st ・3rd Tues. 14 : 30~15 : 20
  • Tani (Assembly Hall) 1st ・3rd Tues. 13 : 20~14 : 10
  • Asahi (Assembly Hall) 1st ・3rd Thurs. 13 : 20~14 : 10
  • Sugai (Assembly Hall) 2nd ・4th Thurs. 13 : 20~14 : 10
  • Kitanodo (Assembly Hall) 1st ・3rd Wed. 14 : 30~15 : 20
  • Babuchi (Assembly Hall) 2nd ・4th Fri. 13 : 20~14 : 10
  • Minami (Shinhosono Sta. East side) 1st ・3rd Wed. 13 : 20~14 : 10
  • Naka (Assembly Hall) 2nd ・4th Tues 13 : 20~14 : 10
  • Higashi (Human Rights Center Parking Lot) 1st ・3rd Thurs. 14 : 30~15 : 20
  • Nishikita (Sankakuda North Parking Lot) 2nd ・4th Thurs. 14 : 30~15 : 20
  • Yamada (Neighborhood Council Parking Lot) 2nd ・4th Wed. 15 : 40~16 : 30
  • Inuidani (Assembly Hall) 1st ・3rd Fri. 14 : 30~15 : 20
  • Higashibata (Assembly Hall grounds)1st ・3rd Fri. 15 : 40~16 : 30
  • Zakuro (pump warehouse) 2nd ・4th Fri. 15 : 40~16 : 30
  • Hikaridai (Hikaridai Nursery School) 2nd ・4th Fri. 14 : 30~15 : 20
  • Sakuragaoka 1-chome (Assembly Hall) 2nd ・4th Tues 15 : 40~16 : 30
  • Sakuragaoka 2-chome (Iketani Park) 2nd ・4th Wed. 14 : 30~15 : 20
  • Seikadai 3-chome (Assembly Hall) 2nd ・4th Wed. 13 : 20~14 : 10

The bookmobile uses the same library card as the Seika Town Library.

Books borrowed at the bookmobile can be returned at the town library.

Story Time(Ohanashi-kai)

In addition to different events and discussion circles, the library holds a regular story time series for young children. Help your young ones learn the joy of reading!

Chichai Chichai Story Time

Teach your kids the joy of reading early at the Chichai Chichai Story Time, where library staff reads stories aloud for newborns. This event is held the first Wednesday of every month from 10 : 30 to 10 : 50 ,and is open to both infants and their parents.

Regular Story Time

A regular story time geared toward children. Held every Saturday from 10 : 30  to 11 : 00  in the library’s discussion room (ohanashi no heya). No application necessary.

Library Rules

  • Please be quiet inside the library.
  • Please take care of library materials. They are for everyone.
  • Please return items by their due date.
  • No smoking within the library.
  • Please do not bring pets, food, or drink into the library, and refrain from using mobile phones or smart phones.
  • Those exhibiting disruptive behavior will be asked to leave.
  • If a book you are using is damaged or deteriorating, it may be eligible for replacement. Please notify library staff.

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